Personality & Philosophy

Why did you decide to be a lawyer?

I was interested in working with people facing very difficult situations. I considered becoming a pastor or a counselor. I was attracted to the intellectual challenges of the law combined with the emotional needs of the parties using the legal system to resolve their complex problems.

What work experience and education helps you be a better lawyer?

I started up and ran a janitor service while I was in college. I sold it when I graduated. I started up and ran a commercial roofing contractor business in law school. I appreciate the challenges small business owners face. Over the years, I have made a number of investments in real estate and businesses. Some investments did very well. Other investments did not work out well. Those caused me sleepless nights and threatened my financial well being. These experiences have given me empathy for clients in tough situations. My 25+ years of representing consumer debtors and business debtors has taught me what assets can be protected, and what tools are available to minimize the distress of dealing with threatening debt problems.

Why did you decide on your primary area of practice?

Bankruptcy law: I like working with folks with debt problems because my services can make such a positive difference in their lives. A good bankruptcy lawyer can enable people with debt problems to avoid divorce, foreclosure, heart attacks and other catastrophic health problems. I like to have that positive impact on my clients’ lives.

Business law: I admire business owners because I understand the challenges they face. I like helping business owners do deals.

What do you like best about your career?

I like helping clients with debt problems solve those problems and relieve their stress. I like helping business owners do deals. Successful deals are exciting and rewarding for all involved. As a sole practitioner, I enjoy being responsible to my clients and to the legal system.

Tell us about your law firm:

I am a solo practitioner, so all my clients deal directly with me.

What are your strengths and style?

Bankruptcy law: I can analyze complex debt problems to make the best of a bad financial situation. I reduce the stress clients feel by explaining what can be done in their circumstances to relieve their problems and enable them to get on with their lives.

Business law: I admire business owners and their accomplishments. I provide the legal assistance necessary to assure that the owner’s interests are protected. I cover their backs. I see that the business owner gets the best deal possible with no unpleasant surprises after the fact.

Personal Interests:

Hiking, biking and canoeing with my wife; working with Loaves & Fishes; playing bass in jazz bands; singing.